RACE/PASS is a commonly used acronym in fire safety procedures. It provides a structured approach to responding effectively in a fire emergency. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

RACE stands for Rescue, Alarm, Contain, and Extinguish/Evacuate. It is a simple and easy-to-remember acronym that outlines the recommended steps to be taken during a fire emergency.


    The priority is to ensure the safety of individuals in immediate danger. This involves rescuing anyone trapped or in need of assistance. If it is safe, help evacuate individuals from the affected area to a safe location.


    Activate the fire alarm system. This step is crucial as it alerts others in the building and initiates evacuation. Immediately notify emergency services, such as the fire department, to report the fire.


    If possible, attempt to contain the fire by closing doors and windows. This can help restrict the fire's spread, preventing it from spreading to other building areas.


    If it is safe and you have been trained to use fire extinguishers, you may attempt to extinguish small fires using the appropriate extinguisher. However, it is essential to prioritize personal safety and never put yourself at risk. If the fire is too large, spreading rapidly, or if you are unsure how to use a fire extinguisher, immediately evacuate the area, following the designated evacuation routes and procedures.

PASS stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. This acronym provides a methodical approach to using a portable fire extinguisher effectively.

  • PULL

    Pull the safety pin on the extinguisher handle. This action allows the extinguisher to be operated.

  • AIM

    Aim the fire extinguisher's nozzle or hose at the fire's base. Directing the extinguishing agent at the source helps smother and suppress the flames more effectively.


    Squeeze the handle or trigger to release the extinguishing agent. Maintain a firm grip on the extinguisher while discharging the agent.


    Sweep the extinguisher from side to side, covering the base of the fire with the extinguishing agent. Continue the sweeping motion until the fire is completely extinguished or the extinguisher is emptied. Remember to keep a safe distance from the fire and avoid potential re-ignition.

  • It is crucial to note that RACE/PASS is a general guideline and may vary depending on specific fire safety protocols and regulations in different locations. It is highly recommended you familiarize yourself with the fire safety procedures and equipment specific to your environment and seek appropriate training to respond effectively during a fire emergency.